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Компания: EUROPA WORKINTENSE spol. s r. o.

The Company in East Germany is Looking For Electricians, Communication Technicians, For Current Repair And Maintenance.

Местонахождение: Германия

Зарплата: От 2000

Контактное лицо: Vasyl Liakh

График работы: полная занятость

Требуется знание языков: английский, немецкий

The company in East Germany is looking for electricians, communication technicians, for current repair and maintenance.
We offer:

• long-term work in Germany (installation) and business trips

• opportunity for further training

• work on the basis of a labor agreement, there is the possibility of concluding an employment contract (paid medical, social insurance, registration with the tax inspectorate)

• installation on departure (for example on the apartment) is paid by our firm

• if the candidate has a family, for example, a wife who speaks a little German (basic knowledge), then the company will help find a job for her.

• provide housing and transfer to the place of work during the business trip

• provide working clothes, protective clothing and tools

• begin to work as an electrician by agreement

Salary and financial conditions:

• salary from 2000 €

• salary during the probationary period (6 months) - 12 € / hour, after the passage of the probationary period, the salary increases depending on the knowledge of the candidate, qualifications

• secondment costs up to 400 € (installation throughout Germany, no need to pay tax)

• accommodation during a business trip is paid by our company

• awards (Christmas award)


• work schedule from 8 to 12 hours



E-mail: v.liakh@workintensegroup.eu (Russian, Czech, English)

Cell: +420702236293 (Russian, Czech, English)

Skype: live:v.liakh (Russian, Czech, English)


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Опубликовано: 2019-04-04

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